✪ Limited Edition

B650NA “All Creatures II”



I enjoyed making this bracelet. It reminds me of my animal friends and my gratitude for their uniqueness in all our lives.  We have here a fine sterling bear as the focal charm, I believe made by a talented Hopi silversmith because of its detailed overlay patterns of  little dancing Kokopelli spirits. This charm falls about 1.50″ from the bracelet band and has a strong presence. We have next a busy Zuni-made hummingbird with colorful inlays of various tiny stones. Then a beautiful and rare animated black horse, another Zuni wonder, who seems ready to stamp his foot. There are two other traditional Zuni charms, 1 a fierce Thunderbird of many colors and the other a graceful butterfly  spreading its wings for us. I’ve added 2 other charms each with onyx stones and feather dangles and 2 nicely patterned sterling charms with square onyx stones. This 8″ bracelet has 4 turquoise slice charms and the focal bear has a bundle of little beads on the back just for interest. The band in fine Campitos turquoise roundels , the central square beads are sterling silver as is the concho clasp, so easy to use and so pretty when you turn your wrist.

Only one available!