✪ Limited Edition

B738NA “Memory”



I like how this 7.75″ bracelet turned out as I was making it, just full of interesting charms that seemed to belong in a jumble of color, patterns and history. The Anasazi pottery/stone in the focal pendant is at least 1200 years old, made by a people who knew how to make things last. It was fire-baked in its making and hard as stone, supported by the handsome handmade setting. It is flanked by 2 howling coyote sterling charms and then comes the jumble, ancient baltic amber, old trade beads, striped black and white furnace glass bead with little silver dangles, vintage Navajo onyx charms and sterling feathers. The two large beads in the bracelet band are sterling silver as are the smaller silver beads and the band is made with natural shell. The toggle clasp is sterling silver with a feather bar.

Only one available!