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✪ Limited Edition

B534NA “Earthy Colors”



Rich earthy colors combined with sky blue turquoise make this bracelet organically satisfying to me. Hard to describe the feeling, it must be the ancient, million year old Baltic amber charms! The focal charm is a lovely Boulder Turquoise stone in a contemporary sterling setting. Two long turquoise charms flank the focal charm. These long charms show turquoise with a natural brown matrix, very attractive and appropriate. Then come the Baltic amber charms with natural inclusions, so pretty, and light as a feather! Two old Navajo sterling and turquoise charms follow, both unsigned. I’ve added two hand painted native charms with elegant black and white designs on bone, and then, just for fun, a Zuni inlaid sterling quail charm that was once a pin but now is adapted to a charm, an inlaid sterling Zuni owl charm and last but not least, a fine blue bear with Zuni designs and a dangling feather. All the turquoise charms are double Campitos discs with little faceted agate stones between.