✪ Limited Edition

N1416 – “Feathers and Squash Blossoms”



This pretty 20″ necklace features a fine, vintage Navajo Kingman turquoise focal charm unmarked but probably from the ’60 or earlier when few Navajo turquoise charms were marked. It is elegant in its elaborate, scrolled sterling setting, really beautiful! I have added 2 fine long handmade feathers with Native American symbols and 2 rare and unusual long Squash Blossom charms with sun and rain stamping. The sterling corrugated beads are old Navajo bench made beads graduated from large to small and the necklace is finished with little turquoise stones. This necklace is simple in its design which just adds to its easy, elegant and unusual look, a suggestion of the Southwest but light and carefree.

Only one available!