Details: “World Traveler” Bracelet

This  beautiful amber/copal bead as shown in my #B593NA bracelet deserves a little more comment. It is probably about 200 years old or older and highly prized by the tribal people of the Middle East, Tibet and Nepal. These beads are usually unadorned but this beauty bears the proud, detailed craftsmanship of its tribal owner. It is a prize, seldom seen and hard to find. I have had it for some time and now seems to be a good time to offer it to an appreciative new owner.  It is a true piece of ancient history.

Squash Blossom Jewelry Designs– Historical Notes

The Colonial Spanish, way back in the 1500s, brought many elegant designs that the Native Americans learned as they developed their silversmith skills. Most Indians suffered greatly at the hands of their Spanish masters until they rose up and drove them out. But one of the lasting designs introduced by the Spanish, from Spain and Moorish Africa, was that of a pomegranate blossom, known today in the American Southwest as the Squash Blossom.

You can find a squash blossom charm featured in the Heart and Cross Bracelet in the “Of the Spirit” series.

Summer Rose Lady Jewelry: Featuring the squash blossom jewelry design
Summer Rose Lady Jewelry: Featuring the squash blossom jewelry design

Latest Creations

Garden Jewels Bracelet– Garden Series

Garden Jewels

So pretty! Jewels with pearls and turquoise, a beautiful combination! The focal charm of this bracelet is a design of multicolored faceted little jewels, mostly citrine and amethyst. There are three other jewel charms by Nicky Butler and four larger turquoise and sterling charms, two with nice sterling stamping designs, one with leaf embellishment and one with an elegant, simple sterling setting. Three of these charms are signed. Not to forget a pretty little square charm with tiny turquoise cabs and a dark purple/black center. The nugget charms are matt Hubei turquoise, faceted freeform amethyst and natural baroque pearls. The band of this bracelet is green turquoise with four sterling beads and a sterling chain closure with a lobster clasp, adjustable from about 8″to larger. This is an elegant bracelet, rich in its colors and charms and just waiting for the special buyer!

Garden Cardinals (Garden Series)

Garden Cardinals
Garden Cardinals

This bracelet features two vintage Cardinal birds beautifully inlaid into Mother of Pearl backgrounds by amazing Zuni Indian craftsmen decades ago. These pretty charms flank a fine focal charm with two large natural turquoise stones set in attractive sterling embellishment. In all there are twelve Navajo vintage charms in addition to the focal charm, and all but the two Zuni cluster charms are old and vintage with still a little patina left on them. These are old timers and the bit of patina just attests to their venerable age! The additional nugget charms are natural Kingman mine turquoise and bright red Mediterranean coral with sterling bead caps. The band of this bracelet is natural coral with sterling beads and a pretty sterling toggle clasp. It has a wearable length of about 7.75″ to 8″.

Fiesta! Lavish – Fiesta Series

Fiesta! Lavish
Fiesta! Lavish

Three hearts! This bracelet has a fine Zuni sterling needlepoint turquoise focal heart, set with a variety of little green and blue stones. It is signed “PB” on the back and I have added a cluster of beads at the back just for interest. Two long sterling feathers flank the focal heart in addition to two red spiny oyster charms. The other two hearts are elegant sterling and turquoise hearts surrounded with red coral, possibly jasper, and they are signed by Dan Dodson. There are four vintage charms, a little cross with a malachite heart, signed, two handsome concho charms with nicely stamped sterling silver designs and turquoise centers, and a small malachite charm with sterling leaf design. The nugget charms are natural turquoise and coral and the band of this bracelet is green turquoise with sterling beads and a pretty sterling toggle clasp designed on both sides. This bracelet has a wearable length of about 8.5″, but can be resized. This s a bold bracelet and would adapt easily to a necklace, just ask.

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Welcome! I am happy to share with you my passion for all things Native American, as well as all those beautiful natural offerings from nature, most often untouched by human hands. We bring you new elegant items monthly and we love to explore the special. the unusual and the rare in our quest for treasures for that personal one of a kind bracelet or necklace that you will never see elsewhere. Please look, browse at your leisure, ask any questions, and enjoy!