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✪ Limited Edition

B498 “Ancient Treasures”


Fossilized coral and fossil mammoth ivory combine with Kingman turquoise and sterling silver.

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Ancient treasures shine in this beautiful bracelet. The outstanding feature of this bracelet represents a million years of fossilization in the softly finished nuggets of genuine and natural mammoth ivory. These beautiful nuggets are found in fragments of tusks buried in the tundra and along river banks in Alaska, and then formed and sculpted only by tribal Native Alaskans. All respect for such treasures is rigorously safeguarded in order to protect our natural world. I vote for that! With this bracelet you will wear true antiquities on your wrist! In addition, you see the lovely and rare boulder turquoise focal charm, all natural with the thin line of blue turquoise running through it and the unusual handmade sterling silver setting. You see three Navajo made wild horse charms, nugget charms from the Kingman Mine in Arizona, and fossil coral charms from the sea bed, each with long sterling silver spacers. Then there are two sterling silver cross-path crosses, a small 18th century design etched silver cross, a little horse and rider charm, two silver Guadalupe charms, both old and pretty designs, and others. The band of the Ancient Treasures bracelet is made of blue Kingman turquoise discs naturally shaped and divided by sterling spacers, and four sterling silver beads. The toggle clasp is inset with turquoise for a pretty finish. 8″ long.