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This bracelet, both antique tribal and contemporary, illustrates how cultures and timelines mingle, with 2 antique silver beads from India, an old trade “skunk” bead from Africa, 2 stone beads and a handsome picture jasper slab bead, sterling silver findings and a lovely contemporary handmade lamp glass bead made by John Winter, a contemporary lamp glass bead master. Add one old “Mountain Coral” glass bead in bright red from Nepal for a spot of color and you have a very pretty tribal bracelet! The charms include an antique brass charm with a red snake eye stone, a little sterling prancing dog from India, and a sterling hook with an old Chinese coin and Navajo button clasp, easy and unique to use in this 7.5″ bracelet.


These beautiful tribal artifacts , as shown in this category, come from all over the world and display a broad choice of cultures and creativity. They are often ancient and worn, prized, traded to other tribes and often require a good polishing when they come from dig sites and long held native hoards into the collections of modern man. They just tell a fascinating story and it is our pleasure to listen.