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✪ Limited Edition

B569NA “Sunday Morning”



This is a happy bracelet. It is full of color and a variety of shapes and textures, but I am reminded of cool gray autumn days with the last of the persistent summer flowers just hanging around until the first snow. The beautiful focal charm is sterling silver with green malachite, a spiny oyster heart and pink peruvian opal stones in simple sterling bezels, The sterling setting is nicely formed and etched along the edges. It hangs about 1.75″ from the bracelet band. It is flanked by 2 sterling feathers with openwork designs, then there are 2 elegant Santo Domingo charms, white triangles with bands of color, then traditional vintage Navajo charms with both turquoise and coral set in saw tooth bezels, both marked. I especially like the pretty round charms with 9 Mother of Pearl stones, and these too are marked. Then comes 2 vintage sterling crosses with nicely stamped designs and each with turquoise stones, and last there are 2 more traditional Navajo charms with turquoise and coral stones, one marked. The band of this very full 7.5″ bracelet is made with 2 turquoise stones and natural white shell and sterling silver beads, with a number of turquoise and red nugget charms that add to the fullness. The toggle clasp has designs on both sides and has 3 little red dangles and a sterling feather bar. I’ve added a bundle of colorful beads at the back of the focal charm and a vigilant little red Navajo horse by the clasp.