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✪ Limited Edition

B633NA “Message from Peter”



This 7.5″ bracelet has lots of strong color and the elegant focal charm is truly unique. Its design has both turquoise and coral stones in scalloped settings, with a silver feather, rain symbols, flowers and other patterns, all beautifully hand made and very personal because of the hand written message on the back. It reads partially—“by Sue and Nacho for Mom—” and there’s a bit more in the message which I will let the buyer of this bracelet discover because, as mentioned, it’s a charming personal message, dated ’94. This unique bracelet has two long sterling feathers flanking the focal charm, two very old turquoise and coral Navajo charms, two concho charms with coral, two more concho charms , all sterling silver, with little dangles. Add two more beautifully designed sterling charms with turquoise and a few turquoise slab charms, and you a truly special bracelet. The band of this bracelet is turquoise discs with sterling spacers, large sterling beads and “Mountain Glass” red beads. The toggle clasp is large and easily fastened. This is truly a special bracelet.