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✪ Limited Edition

B636NA “Boots and Saddles”



Another indulgence! This bracelet has a lovely large focal charm with a handsome turquoise stone in a freeform shape. The stone is clear blue green with some brown matrix that picks up the warmth and rich color of the copper beads and spacers in the bracelet band. The focal charm turquoise is set in a sawtooth bezel with rope surround and an elaborate sterling setting, all hand made by a mysterious Navajo artist. There are four sterling concho charms with little dangles, two handmade sterling charms with beige/cream colored stones that seem to be agate in coiled sterling settings, two old turquoise and sterling charms, one with light brown matrix patches and both nicely mounted in hand made settings, two little clusters of small turquoise slabs and, last but not least, there are four sterling charms, a girl with folded hands, beautifully etched, a large eagle and finally, a sterling boot and a saddle! The copper toggle clasp simulates twigs, delightful! This bracelet is 8″ wearable length and so pretty.