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This pretty 8″ bracelet seems to echo that “little black dress” back in the day with its elegant compliment in blues and blacks. The focal charm is a black onyx center nicely faceted around the outside, and the setting is an elaborate series of scrolls, all sterling silver and really special. Two sterling flowered feathers flank this focal charm, then we have old trade beads, four vintage sterling silver concho charms with tiny dangles, two with little turquoise stones, turquoise dangles and slabs, two sterling circles with little black snake eye stones, and others. The turquoise band has two patterned sterling beads and the toggle clasp is sterling with patterns on both sides. Pretty and vestal!


Charm bracelets speak to us with all kinds of beauty and memories. Happily, they can be almost anything, items from your own collection or elegant new items with elegant colors and a new sense of adventure. They can come to you from far away craftsmen in distant countries, or from the jewelry bench of a talented Native American silversmith. They can be worn on your wrist to remind you of a special moment, or they can often be worn as a necklace to compliment your smile. The simple addition of a sterling silver chain extension gives you the freedom to choose. This personal freedom which special jewelry gives us comes from the ancient beginnings of mankind in simple clay effigy figures and wonderful paintings on cave walls, to what we have with us today.