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This pretty bracelet features an elegant focal charm with an unusual design, 3 turquoise stones, a graceful sterling rope around the stones, also with interesting designs that I can’t quite identify, and a little coral cabochon. All are set in tiny saw-tooth sterling bezels.This is a vintage, possibly older charm with no maker’s markings. It hangs about 2″ down from the band, and it is flanked by 2 long sterling feathers and 2 stone slices in turquoise, very smooth and showing some matrix. There are 4 others of these stones and 2 vintage Navajo charms in sterling with elaborate settings, both with turquoise and coral stones. One is marked “M”. I’ve added 2 multi-colored charms with colorful needlepoint cabochons, each marked with “KK”, and 4 sterling concho style charms with little dangles. The sterling bird charms are a Thunderbird and a Nazca bird, There are also 2 beasts, 2 little nicely hand carved vintage stone Zuni horses. Add a sterling Indian and a boot and 2 round spiny oyster circle charms. The band has a wearable length of about 7,5″ and is made with both turquoise and spiny oyster with sterling silver beads at the focal point. The interesting square clasp is a sterling toggle with a Thunderbird toggle bar.