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✪ Limited Edition

B657NA “Twilight Gardens II”



I am seriously fond of the colors in this bracelet, the combination of turquoise and lavender always seems so elegant and special.  The TWILIGHT GARDEN II group is like a subtle reflection of the prettiest garden one could wish for. The old  focal charm has both turquoise and amethyst stones placed in an elaborate and graceful setting and I have added a little bundle of beads at the back just to add a little interest.  The old charms are mostly  Navajo and  sterling silver, one signed with a maker’s mark, but there are five other old charms that are sterling silver with amethyst and sugilite stones. There are also four vintage concho charms with turquoise  stones and a lot of patina which I didn’t remove because this gives them much  more character,  six pretty Sleeping Beauty charms and six  amethyst nugget charms. The bracelet band is a rich dark green Campitos turquoise and there are patterned sterling silver  beads around  the center focal. The length of the bracelet is about 7″ to 8″ wearable length, with a handsome custom toggle clasp.