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✪ Limited Edition

B659NA “All Together”



I like this bracelet because of the rich mixture of lights and darks. It just kind of made itself, from the beautiful vintage focal charm to all the goodies, charms, animals, feathers and so forth. I like the mixture of old spider web turquoise mixed with the spiny oyster in the band, and the two patterned sterling beads at the center. The elegant Navaho focal charm features cabochons in turquoise, onyx, charoite and wild buffalo set in a background with sterling dots and a lovely designed border. It is beautifully made and signed on the back “WR” and hangs about 1.34″ from the bracelet band. There are 4 other vintage Navajo charms, all nicely set into sterling settings with elegant stones. These are not signed and probably pre-date the era when signing these pieces became commonplace. Some of the most interesting pieces come from this pre-1930’s era. There are lots of sterling charms on this 7.75″ bracelet, Hopi overlay Kachinas, big sun, a horse tab, feathers, a saddle, a boot and more, including 4 little Zuni hand carved turquoise critters, an armadillo, 2 horses and a bird. The toggle clasp is sterling with a Thunderbird arrow bar.