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B694NA “April Sunday”



For many this is a special month with special meaning. This 7.25″ bracelet is a simple reflection, as is the focal charm. This large sterling cross is both patterned and simple, almost modernist, with a large oval onyx stone set in the center. It hangs about 2″ from the bracelet band and I have added a little bundle of white turquoise dangles at the back just for interest. This handsome focal charm is flanked by 2 sterling feathers, then 2 large sterling rose charm with dangles, then 2 large beautifully patterned concho-style Navajo charms with little onyx stone in sawtooth bezels. Then there are 2 squarish sterling concho charms with little black dangles. After that I’ve added 2 white Navajo charms, each with 16 small stones, often called Wild Buffalo stones. The last are 2 simple scalloped Navajo concho charms with little black dangles. The band of the bracelet is made with natural white shell with 2 large central openwork sterling beads and 4 white turquoise nugget charms on the back. The clasp is a sturdy sterling toggle clasp easy to use. This bracelet would make a beautiful necklace with the addition of a simple chain, your choice.