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B696NA “Red Beauty”

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Back in the day this bracelet  and its elegant colors might have been considered too flamboyant,  but not today, thank goodness!  We see these vibrant colors everywhere and, of course, I had to make a bracelet that I ended up hoarding for a few weeks because I could hardly part with it.  So now we have a 7.5″ bracelet with a  strong sterling focal concho-style charm adorned with a fine stamped pattern, a central chunk of Mediterranean  coral in a sawtooth bezel and 2 long sterling feathers. This charm hangs about 2″ from the bracelet band and I have added a little bundle of dangles at the back just for interest. Next come 2 sterling feathers with pretty openwork patterns, then come 2 beautiful circular sterling charms each with handsome abstract Navajo patterns and 3 coral stones in sawtooth bezels, then 2 squarish sterling concho charms with amethyst dangles, then 2 sterling flower charms with red coral centers,  and last, 2 oval sterling concho charms with more of those little amethyst dangles. So pretty! The back of the bracelet has 8 red apple coral nugget charms. The band of the bracelet is made with irregular discs of Russian Charoite 10mm stones with 2 vintage sterling beads at the center, and the clasp is a sterling twiggy toggle clasp that just seems to belong with this bracelet.


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