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✪ Limited Edition

B698NA “Antiquity”



This bracelet has some true old timers: the beautiful and finely made Navajo focal charm that seems to speaks from the 1920s past with its lovely turquoise stones and it well made sterling setting with ropes and scrolls and raindrops, truly fine and seldom seen these days. Then there are 2 sterling feathers.The flanking Navajo charms are possibly even older, imaginative, maybe experimental in design and thoroughly charming. Next come 2 ancient fossilized walrus tusks, 1 a light brown color and the other darker and richer in color.. After that there are 2 concho style Navajo sterling charms with fine hand stamping patterns and little snake eye turquoise stones, then 2 Baltic amber charms, who can say how ancient? Last I’ve added 2 pretty sterling charms each unmarked, with interesting settings and nice turquoise stones, and at the back of this 8″ bracelet are 7 turquoise nugget charms each with little faceted jasper stones. The band of this bracelet is made with irregular chrysoprase discs in lovely blended green/blue colors and the clasp is sterling silver with a feather toggle bar.