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✪ Limited Edition

B703NA “Bless the Animals”



I had to make this bracelet, just as a reminder of the critters that love us, entertain us, feed us and yes, scare us. Many of them have been personal friends from back-in-the- day and I have learned much from them. The sterling focal charm is a pretty child holding a flower and smiling. She’s not exactly St. Francis who blessed all the animals long ago but she seems to speak for these animals nicely, with the wisdom of childhood. The band of this 7.75″ bracelet is made with malachite/azurite and aqua terra with 2 large vintage Navajo sterling bench-made beads at the center, both patterned with, I believe, a traditional sunrise pattern. There are also 6 nugget turquoise charms and lots of silver, with a pretty sterling toggle clasp that is patterned on each side. All the charms are sterling silver and I will leave it to you to browse through them, enjoy them and, perhaps, find an old friend.