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B706NA “Touch of Topaz”



The natural stones in this elegant 8″ bracelet were mentioned to me by a customer who clearly loves topaz stones combined with lapis lazuli, turquoise and amethyst, and what a beautiful bracelet this combination made. The topaz is from India, the lapis from Afghanistan, the turquoise is from the USA and Mexico, and the amethyst is from mines almost anywhere in the world. The central vintage pendant is flanked by 2 large lapis lazuli hand carved melon beads, with added sterling feathers and flowers.This pendant has a lapis heart mounted in the center, it is both a pin and a charm, and I have given it a new purpose by sealing the pin closed and adding a few dangles in the back. There are 2 vintage Navajo turquoise charms, 1 marked and the other with a bit of patina I have not disturbed, and then there are 2 charms each with 15 small turquoise stones and they are marked on the back. Then there are 4 vintage sterling concho charms with tiny central turquoise stones, 2 with amethyst dangles and 2 with little jasper stone dangles. The 2 beaded charms are old tribal charms and the 2 clustered topaz charms each have 2 stones set with sterling silver beads . Th little bundle of charms at the clasp contains turquoise, topaz and amethyst stones. Added to all of this are turquoise and amethyst nugget charms which help to make this a very full bracelet. The band is boulder turquoise with a large sterling toggle clasp.