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B707NA “Anasazi”



The Anasazi people, ancient and prosperous in their day, created amazing houses of mud brick in the cracks and crevices of sandstone cliffs throughout the Southwest. They harvested whatever food they could find, they hunted and they made pottery which they decorated with little twig paintbrushes and then baked in hot fires to make them durable. This 7.5″ bracelet displays 3 shards from the pottery left behind when they vanished into history, and indeed they are durable! They are rare and custom mounted for me in sterling silver, each designed to compliment the individual old pottery shard and I think they are beautiful and unique. I have added sterling feathers, Baltic amber, old Navajo conchos each with little jasper dangles, a sterling Kokopelli charm and a Thunderbird eagle charm. The band of the bracelet is sterling silver, natural mined turquoise embellished with little Navajo bench made sterling beads and more amber. The clasp is a sterling twiggy toggle clasp. This bracelet can be converted into a stunning necklace. indeed unique in every way.