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✪ Limited Edition

B710NA “Nightwood”



A bit rough and ready, this bracelet features 2 old unsigned Navajo charms from back in the day when few such charms were ever signed. The focal charm is large and hangs about 1.5″ from the band, its stone is a dark turquoise, probably old Royston turquoise, and its sterling setting has a fine traditional design combining ropes, coils and 2 rain drops. 2 sterling flowers with little sterling feathers flank the focal charm, then 2 more old sterling beauties, both charms with darker turquoise stones, one a little rough with 2 old Kingman turquoise stones and the other a fine large Royston stone. There are 2 sterling concho charms with little snake-eye turquoise stones and dangles, and 2 malachite charms with pretty sterling leaf settings. Scattered throughout this 7.5″ bracelet are charms and dangles of paintbrush jasper with little sterling beads, with 1 special turquoise dangle behind the focal charm, just for interest. The band of the bracelet has 2 melon-cut turquoise beads at the center and is finished with turquoise slices, ocean jasper beads, 2 more melon-cut turquoise beads and sterling spacers, The clasp, a favorite of mine, is natural looking twiggy sterling silver.