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✪ Limited Edition

B716NA “Antiquity II”



This mellow, softly colored bracelet just evolved as I made it. The compatible colors and shapes and the embedded ancient history just speaks for itself, starting with the beautiful sterling silver setting of the focal charm, complete with traditional Navajo squash blossom flower and leaves, rope and sawtooth bezel and 8 little raindrops. The stone is an elegant, softly flashing tigereye, a beautiful stone that hangs about 1.5″ from the bracelet band. It is flanked by 2 long Zuni-made sterling Kachina charms with nicely stylized dancers, then there is a fossil walrus tusk charm, then a vintage Nevajo Royston turquoise charm with a beaded sterling setting, and then comes the Baltic amber charm and the hand made sterling Kokopelli charm. There is also a rare ribbon turquoise charm and 6 natural, ancient ocean jasper stones that hang at the back of the bracelet. The band has 2 filigree sterling focal beads and turquoise rondelles and the toggle clasp of this 7.75″ bracelet is heart shaped sterling silver.