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✪ Limited Edition

B718NA “White Dawn”



This 8″ bracelet came together almost with a mind of its own, not possible but certainly with hints and nudges once the handsome, ancient Anasazi focal charm took its place. This beautiful charm reflects the skill and industry of these early people who had so little to work with and left so much of their culture behind when they disappeared. The charm is custom made for Summer Rose Lady, set in a lovely feather and scroll sterling setting and signed. It falls from the band by about 2″ and it is surrounded in the band by 2 vintage, large sterling bench made patterned Navajo beads. 2 sterling feathers flank the focal charn, then there are 2 wide-eyed sterling owls, then sterling concho charms with dangling feathers and onyx stones, 2 wild buffalo stone charms in pretty sterling settings, 2 sterling charms with onyx stones and 2 white cluster charms. I’ve finished this bracelet with 4 small white turquoise slices each with little Navajo sterling bench beads and the band is made from natural white turquoise howlite and shell and a sterling toggle clasp. This is a lavish bracelet and one that would easily convert to a stunning necklace with the addition of a sterling extender, just ask.