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✪ Limited Edition

B721NA “Anasazi Days”



This 7.75″ bracelet has an elegant exuberance that simply happened as I was making it. The rich variety of stones and shells, colors and textures, rare antique beads and silver make me happy just looking at it, to say nothing of the historical whisper of the ancient Anasazi people who fashioned the focal charm with natural clay and tiny sticks dipped in pigment to draw their designs. They baked their pottery in hot fires that made them hard as cement and when they journeyed on to a new location that offered them more sustenance, they often left behind shards and pots that were broken, some say, so that their spirits could be free again I commissioned the focal charm to be nicely mounted in sterling silver. It is signed on the back. It hangs about 2″ from the bracelet band where 2 stunning hand made antique “zebra” beads hold it in place on the bracelet band, and the band features other vintage beads and natural turquoise clusters. There are 4 sterling feathers, 2 unique sterling Hopi charms with little dangles, 2 large black cluster charms, 2 vintage black onyx Navajo sterling charms, natural white shell and natural turquoise charms, all with little sterling flower bead caps. The clasp is a twiggy favorite and seems appropriate for this pretty bracelet. Enjoy!