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✪ Limited Edition

B726NA “Little Friends”



I enjoyed making this bracelet because it gave me the opportunity to use some of my favorite hand made and very special beads. These 4 little tree frogs are certainly friendly, you follow their small voices and you may see them for a moment some night and then they vanish, clearly one of nature’s specialties. These beads are furnace- hardy, made with tough, lampwork glass with little foliage patterns and a fine little frog affixed to their surfaces. They are surrounded with green turquoise charms, a sterling eagle, a Kokopelli charm and 2 more old turquoise charms. The vintage focal charm on this 7,75″ bracelet is very mellow, it is an elegant hand made light green turquoise set in a sterling rope patterned setting, typical of old Navajo craftsmanship at its best. It is marked “FT” on the back. It is flanked by 2 sterling feathers and set between 2 larger sterling flower patterned charms on the band. The band is a combination of onyx beads and turquoise rondelles and the toggle clasp closes with a feather bar. This is an unusual bracelet, truly one of a kind.