✪ Limited Edition

B729NA “Two Roses II”



Lots of unusual color in this pretty 7.25″ bracelet, from the rich red of the spiny oyster rondelles in the band and in 2 of the charms, the red coral here and there and the Lapis Lazuli rondelles that complete the band. The vintage focal charm has a small onyx stone added to the lapis and coral stones, the sterling surrounding is elegantly patterned in the traditional Navajo way and there is a lttle Navajo hand made bench made bead added as a dangle. This charm hangs about 2.25″ from the bracelet band. It is unsigned. The sterling roses are flanked by faceted Brazilian saphire stones and both have coral dangles. I have added 2 round coral flower charms each with 11 pretty stones and petals and these are signed, 4 sterling concho style charms, 2 with little snake eye coral stones and black dangles, and others. The sterling toggle clasp is simple, large enough to use easily and compliments the rich colors of this unusual bracelet.

Only one available!