✪ Limited Edition

B730NA “Red Beauty”



I can seldom find such beautiful red spiny oyster beads that you will see in this stunning bracelet, and please note the bits of turquoise scattered among the bracelet band oyster discs. This is rare. Who did this, I wonder, but I can only guess. It is welcome and offers an intriguing change from the spiny oyster discs we sometimes find. The vintage hand made Navajo focal charm is sterling silver, beautifully stamped with elaborate designs and set with 3 stones, lapis lazuli, coral and onyx. A bench made sterling bead dangles at the base. This charm hangs about 1.3/4″ from the bracelet band. There are 2 sterling flowers on either side, also with little dangles. Then there are 2 interesting lapis charms, each with 9 inset lapis stones, then 2 large sterling circle charms nicely patterned, each with tiny snake eye coral stones. Lapis crosses follow, 2 lovely pieces set in patterned sterling, then 2 coral cluster charms and finally 2 bench made patterned Navajo charms with lapis adornments. The strong color of this bracelet band gives this bracelet a special presence. There are faceted lapis lazuli beads flanking the focal charm and there are lapis discs at both ends of this 7.5″ bracelet. The toggle clasp is sterling silver patterned on both sides.

Only one available!