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✪ Limited Edition

B736NA “New Beauty”



This NEW BEAUTY bracelet makes me very happy to share a new element introduced in this bracelet: elegant handmade furnace glass! This hard, beautiful, durable glass is hand fashioned, made in a variety of colors and patterns according to the designer, and never quite the same, which gives it many of the qualities I prize. In this bracelet band there are 4 vintage glass beads, vintage because I’ve had them for a long time and just wondered how to use them. Now they have found a place as rarities that blend so well with red spiny oyster slices, apple coral and sterling silver. The focal charm is also vintage, Navajo handmade and nicely patterned sterling with a center stone of red spiny oyster and hangs about 1.5″ from the bracelet band. 2 small bench made Navajo beads add to the interest of the pretty focal charm. There are 4 other vintage Navajo sterling and coral charms, all handmade with handsome settings, 2 sighed, 4 concho style sterling charms, each with little red bead dangles, and 2 solid sterling vintage beads to complete this 7″ bracelet. The clasp is a twiggy toggle clasp, very sturdy.