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✪ Limited Edition

B739NA “Three Hearts”



This mellow bracelet became more and more questionable as I made it because the lovely old turquoise stones in the band blended so well with the beautiful old Navajo focal charm and the 4 seabed jasper slice charms at the back of the bracelet. I found these colors quite elegant. The natural turquoise stones in the band do not quite match in size but that’s the way they came to me, the jasper slices are part of the seabed—somewhere? and the sterling and turquoise focal charm with its soft colors and sheltering leaves and other embellishments seems to bring all the mellowness together. Then we have 2 fierce Kachinas, a wandering sterling sea turtle, 2 seriously bold concho style sterling charms with little turquoise stones, sterling bird feathers, an arrowhead, 3 hearts and others, So I think this interesting 7.50″ bracelet must speak for itself.