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✪ Limited Edition

B748NA “Pretty Babies”



These pretty babies captivated me and I had to make a bracelet for them. They seem to speak for all the Native babies, past and present. and all their hardships and triumphs and the strength of their intelligence and their varied personalities. The focal heart charm speaks for them too. It is a beautiful turquoise and coral pendant, signed on the back “Dan Dodson”, who is a well known jewelry designer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. and it hangs about 13/4″ from the bracelet band. There are 4 Navajo sterling concho style charms. 2 with turquoise and 2 with coral stones and each with little dangles, 2 square  sterling Navajo charms with varied color stones and 2 feather dangles, and these charms are signed tho the words are hard to read. Then there are  2 additional Navajo charms, a sterling flower charm and a nicely hand etched sterling oval charm, each with coral stones. The band of this 73/4″ bracelet is  natural sky blue turquoise, a lovely pure color, and the 1 larger red focal beads are mountain coral from Nepal.  I have added 5 chunky natural  turquoise nuggets just for a little more fullness and the sterling toggle clasp is patterned on both sides and has a feather bar.