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✪ Limited Edition

B753NA “Something New”



Yes, this bracelet is SOMETHING NEW! The large, elegant sterling silver circular concho, about 1.5″, has now become the focal charm of this turquoise bracelet. Its traditional Navajo scallop designs may seem familiar but here it now holds a perfect little silver flower that fits into one of its triangular openings and holds the bracelet band firmly in place while the matching toggle fits into the remaining triangular opening in the concho and closes the bracelet. There are 11 vintage Navajo sterling silver charms, most with turquoise stones and all with pretty etched or stamped settings, 6 double round turquoise charms and 4 other random shaped nugget turquoise charms. The band is a mixture of blue and blue-green natural turquoise rondelles. This is a very full, rich looking bracelet and its length is 7.25″.