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✪ Limited Edition

B764NA “Natural Beauty”



This elegant bracelet is certainly a statement bracelet . It is simple, direct and both the natural stones and the charms compliment each other in their deep blue-green colour and uniqueness. The focal charm is a dark turquoise stone set in a sawtooth bezel and then embellished by a master Navajo silversmith with a fine sterling design of large leaves, scrolls and symbolic raindrops. The maker’s mark on the back says “EL” and the charm hangs about 2″ from the bracelet band. There are 2 long vintage turquoise and sterling charms flanking the focal charm, each with 3 turquoise stones and sterling embellishments, these are unmarked, then 2 concho style sterling charms with little dangles, then 2 vintage Navajo charms with natural turquoise stones and finally 3 round sterling Navajo charms with little dangles and embossed with a sun pattern. The large central beads on the band are unique, they are hand cut druzy azurite malachite. The “druzy” technically refers to stones that are cut to allow some of their inner content to be seen, and they are considered to be unique and desirable. The other large beads in this 7.75″ bracelet band are natural chrysocolla stones and the clasp is sterling and easy to use.