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B765NA “Kachina Spirit”



This sterling silver Kachina figure with his hands raised seems to be offering a blessing, but I can’ t entirely vouch for that because these ancient Pueblo Kachina gods can also sometimes be known for their mischief because they personify the natural world and all that is good and useful, including rain, fertility and all well-being, so watch out for this fellow lest you misbehave! He is beautifully designed and dressed and he has an elegant headdress befitting his rank and importance among the 1000+ tribal kachinas among the Hopi, the Navajo, the Zuni and others. He is flanked by sterling silver feathers and large natural turquoise beads. There are 4 sterling concho charms nicely patterned with little dangles and 4 Navajo charms, all with natural turquoise stones. I have added 4 large turquoise freeform charms with sterling adornments and a bundle of little beads at the back of the kachina just for interest. The 7″ bracelet band is made with natural aquamarine rondelles, sterling beads and the sterling clasp is patterned on both sides and easy to use.