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✪ Limited Edition

B767NA “Deep Purple”



This exotic bracelet  came to me because of an old song I really loved back in the day: some of you might remember-  I quote “When the deep purple falls over shady garden walls–” The song was a bit moody and dark but with a lovely melody. So this is the deep purple and perhaps soon those shady garden walls will  happen too. The focal charm is a lovely faceted amethyst stone set in a sterling silver setting. I can’t vouch for this to be a true large amethyst, although they are not uncommon, but the large elaborate setting is clearly marked sterling; it is beautiful,  and I doubt the maker would use anything else but the pure 925 metal.  It is flanked by 2 sterling feathers, and then 2 mobile amethyst charms each with 9 stones. These pretty charms are combined with 2 of the 4 flat antique Nigerian rubies I have attached to the bracelet. These rubies are rare, hand cut and add a lot of interest to the bracelet. They are the only ones I’ve ever found.  After the rubies come 2 sterling concho style charms with pretty hand stamped patterns, then 2 larger charms with Russian Charoite stones with sawtooth bezels, again quite rare, and last 2 round patterned sterling charms that seem to have tiny birds and flowers in repousse patterns. The band of this 7 1/4″ bracelet is again Russian Charoite with sterling beads and a large sterling toggle clasp easy to use.