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✪ Limited Edition

B796NA “April Beauty”



The band of this 7.75″ bracelet is Russian Charoite, a rare and hard to find substance that I like to use because of its rarity and also because of the elegant way its color makes the turquoise charms stand out. It’s a beautiful combination of colors that certainly compliment each other, nor will it be overlooked when the bracelet is worn. The focal charm is pure turquoise with a bit of natural matrix showing, and the setting is handmade sterling silver and has a maker’s mark of a broken arrow. It is flanked by 2 larger sterling feathers. There are 2 more handmade sterling silver turquoise charms, both with the broken arrow maker’s mark, 4 nugget charms and 6 character charms which include  a boot, a round Kokopelli, a horse, a Kachina, a larger Kokopelli playing his flute, and another Kachina. The 2 elegant sterling beads in the band have tiny little decorative beads added and both of the larger beads have silver bead caps. The toggle clasp is strong and nicely decorated with little flowers.