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Blue Wave



Blue and blue! This pretty 7.5″ bracelet has the rich blue of ocean waves; lapis lazuli deep blue charms and a variety of turquoise charms and slices from the Campitos mines, and the Kingman mines in Arizona. Its a bold, full bracelet, hard to overlook when worn, easy to notice. The heart focal charm is repurposed from a fixed pin to an elegant bracelet charm, and well made with many small natural turquoise stones set in simple sterling bezels and backed by silver. I’ve added dangles at the back just to give it added interest. It is signed with the initials “PB”. This charm is flanked by 2 sterling silver feathers and then 2 sterling Navajo charms with lapis lazuli center stones and fine hand etching in the wide silver setting. Next are 2 old/vintage Navajo charms, both with elegant sterling settings, unmarked in the old way, 4 turquoise blue slices and 2 smaller lapis charms, then 2 vintage Navajo hand made turquoise charms. Last of all are 2 small lapis and sterling charms signed with what looks like a tiny crown. There are 6 cluster dangles and a pretty band made with lapis, turquoise stones and 2 larger sterling filigree beads. The toggle clasp is sterling, large enough for easy use.