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✪ Limited Edition

B535 “Bold Colors”


Hearts and handmade charms embellish this bold, colorful bracelet!


Color and boldness describes this pretty bracelet, and if you love colorful sterling silver hearts and ten additional handmade turquoise and sterling silver Navajo charms, then this 7 ¾” bracelet may be just right for you! All the warm orangey colored stones are either coral or spiny oyster, a much sought after natural shell highly prized by native craftsman from earliest times. It’s usually found in the sea of Cortez and other Pacific shores and has been traded all the way to Navajo country by the natives of the Southwest and Central and South America for centuries. I’m impressed! The Navajo charms are generally vintage, gently used and growing harder to find every day. I often leave a bit of tarnish on these charms as a testimony to their age. The turquoise stones are large, a lovely varying shade of blue and firmly set in their various lovely settings. Some are signed but most date back to the 70’s when this beautiful and unique jewelry went unsigned by the maker. There are two tiny sterling silver heart charms with stones to accompany the large focal charm, several feathers, some with inset stones, two little sterling charms, a rabbit and a bird, and a goodly lot of Nacosari turquoise nugget charms. This is a lovely soft blue turquoise from Mexico. I have placed these charms so that they fall both front and back to give the back of the bracelet a very colorful look on your wrist. The double link chain is fastened with a sterling silver toggle. It’s 7.5 inches long and can be adapted a bit to your size. It’s a beauty! Enjoy.