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✪ Limited Edition

N1334 “Filigree Rosary”


Crystal beads from an old rosary with Sacred Heart medal.


I have only recently found a way to use the beautiful beads that many old broken rosaries offer. Here, the beads are a clear, lovely crystal that reflects all kinds of light. I believe they are hand cut aurora borealis crystal firmly linked with the original bronze wire. The large pendant is a contemporary bronze casting of a very traditional medal of Jesus pointing to the Sacred Heart, truly elegant! This medal is finished with an antiquing process that takes it back to its original beauty, as is the pretty filigree center above.Between the two medals I have added a sterling and crystal flower. It will go with anything using the two metals and is in good keeping with contemporary and much sought after longer jewelry. This necklace is 16” folded or 32” total in length. It speaks for itself, and, I hope, for the special buyer.