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✪ Limited Edition

B538NA “Happy Colors”



Bright happy colors for spring! This bracelet features a very lovely and rare red spiny oyster and sterling silver focal charm set in the midst of red, purple and turquoise components. As you can see, the silversmith left two natural little grooves of the oyster shell on the stone. Spiny oyster is a traditional material favored by the Native Americans for centuries, traded all the way from the west coast of America. All the charms are hand made sterling silver with sugilite, red jasper, and apple coral stones, and some of the charms are signed by the maker. The nugget charms are all smooth native cut amethyst. The shell charms are natural in color and carefully inlaid with intricate designs. The band of this 8″ bracelet in made of Campitos turquoise, coral, spiny oyster and sterling silver, and the toggle clasp is inlaid with turquoise. It’s a beauty!