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Copal amber is not considered by many to be genuine amber, nothing like Baltic amber which is many millions of years old. All amber is resin and comes in several colors and ages differently. Copal amber is considered “young” amber, it is only about one million years old! It is still aging, and found all over the world. It is prized mostly in Africa and other Mediterranean areas as well as Yemen and anywhere else it is found. The focal bead in this necklace is copal amber, just a youngster! It is flanked by antique silver Yemwni discs and turquoise. The 2 large silver beads are also from Yemen, I have added stacks of large red shell and 2 old trade beads, one of which is multicolored and called “End of the Day” bead because the African maker just added his leftover scraps to make this bead. Great story! The last two beads are antique silver and the band is finished with little red beads called “white hearts”. The clasp is a large sterling hook and eye. This necklace is 18″ and the design was inspired by the jewelry makers of the tribal artisans.