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Elegant hand cut green turquoise disks distinguish this bold but simple 20 ” statement tribal necklace! The tribal silver components are antique wolo beads from Yemen, each with little hand etched designs. There are 4 sterling silver beads, three white hand carved India/Naga sacred conch shell beads and black vulcanite and natural horn beads from Africa. The clasp is sterling silver. The is a striking necklace and sure to be noticed!


The Design Gallery comes to you full of old and new wonders meeting in all sorts of renewed patterns and shapes. There is history here as well as contemporary creativity. Ancient, vintage or present, all these handmade and natural items, many of them found on a beach, in my vintage collection or in an artist's studio, all come together in this Gallery. The provenance of many of these items have long since vanished into the past. They are often repurposed into other designs, and all are waiting to be refound by my customer friends who enjoy these wonders as much as I enjoy bringing them together into unique one of a kind treasures.

Necklaces seem to make a statement. We wear them to identify ourselves, to display how we feel, who we are, and we have so many choices! Just enjoy!