This 20″ necklace was a joy to make, mostly because I love the pendant and also the colors of the beads speak to me. This wonderful pendant comes from Nagaland and it is made of natural Conch shell with two stick figures, a man and a woman, carefully and expertly incised into the face of the shell. These happy looking figures make me smile. They say so much with such an economy of effort. The pendant hangs between two large silver beads from Morocco. These beads have a hand hammered look with a decorative band around the middle. Next to these beads are natural discs and after that I’ve put faceted white turquoise beads and round smoothed yellow lava rock beads from Afghanistan, among my favorites because of their beautiful color and their light weight. The special additions are two yellow perfectly colored old Venetian glass trade beads with green décor, just a touch of green to add to the necklace design. So pretty! The catch is sterling silver.

Only one available!

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