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This striking  18″ necklace features a large round sterling silver pendant decorated with little tribal scrolls. It is hand made, hand hammered silver and I have added six white turquoise faceted beads holding authentic natural Mediterranean coral branches of red coral, three on each side of the pendant, then there are  beads of Mountain Coral glass from India, black bone and white bone with sterling silver beads. After that there are six old very early black and white beads, often called skunk beads. These beads are seriously ancient, hand made Venetian glass trade beads and each has a few little red dots as well as the white dots.. I’ve finished the necklace with white turquoise beads and vulcanite. The clasp is sterling silver. It’s a handsome beauty!


Necklaces seem to make a statement. We wear them to identify ourselves, to display how we feel, who we are, and we have so many choices! Just enjoy!

These beautiful tribal artifacts , as shown in this category, come from all over the world and display a broad choice of cultures and creativity. They are often ancient and worn, prized, traded to other tribes and often require a good polishing when they come from dig sites and long held native hoards into the collections of modern man. They just tell a fascinating story and it is our pleasure to listen.