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This beautiful old 26” necklace holds a truly fine tribal antique Turkoman pendant that has been lovingly worn and prized for decades. The pendant was carefully crafted by a highly skilled, long gone silversmith and made to be hollow to avoid too much weight. The silver appears to be sterling or possibly coin silver, it shows soft wear and some character tarnish I have not disturbed. The stones in this pendant, back and front, are carnelian wrapped in rope bezels and the design with its lovely flowers is just naturally elegant. The necklace strand has old hand rough-cut carnelian beads, very rare, old faceted carnelian beads, trade beads and sterling silver crumb beads. This necklace can certainly be worn with pride, it is a true show-stopper.

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Necklaces seem to make a statement. We wear them to identify ourselves, to display how we feel, who we are, and we have so many choices! Just enjoy!

These beautiful tribal artifacts , as shown in this category, come from all over the world and display a broad choice of cultures and creativity. They are often ancient and worn, prized, traded to other tribes and often require a good polishing when they come from dig sites and long held native hoards into the collections of modern man. They just tell a fascinating story and it is our pleasure to listen.

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