✪ Limited Edition




I like this necklace for its simplicity and for the echoes of the past, past designs and past meanings so important to the early Native American craftsmen who first created these symbols. Now we respect the past and enjoy the new designs, the new meanings. This simple sterling Naja pendant was originally from a sand cast process made in the old way, it is a bit rustic in that it is not smooth nor shiny, and it has a delightful openwork pendant hanging inside its arms. This pendant has a tiny snake eye turquoise stone and a little Navajo bench made dangle at the bottom. Above the Naja are 2 larger patterned Navajo bench made sterling beads and above these pretty beads are more sterling bench made beads, 4 small Naja pendants and small turquoise stones. This 18″ necklace is easy to wear, lightweight and speaks to both yesterday and today.

Only one available!