✪ Limited Edition




This stylized and unique NAJA necklace echoes the beautiful old Navajo originals and reflects the strength if the original designs. But this one is modernized and I believe the olden day suggestions are still there. So often the meaning in the old NAJA necklaces and other old patterns is lost to time, but this necklace seems to create its one meaning today with grace and elegance. This sterling Naja necklace is about 22″ long and has another Inch or so of adjustment available. The lovely turquoise pendant in the broad sterling NAJA arms is a natural stone set in a simple sterling bezel. Above are two handsome hand hammered sterling rectangular beads, large and important Navajo made, and then there is a series of small Najas graduating in size and set into the necklace with sterling silver and green jade beads. Only the green jade seemed to carry the elegant color of the turquoise stone. I’ve finished the necklace with small square sterling beads to reflect the squareness of the large beads and it all looks wonderful to me!

Only one available!