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✪ Limited Edition

N1418 “Fine Turquoise Cluster Cross”



I fell in love with this beautiful vintage “cluster” turquoise cross back in the day, and when it became available I was very happy to obtain it with the idea of making an elaborate and elegant necklace. But when I did that, it simply didn’t work for me, so I retreated, pondered and finally decided to respect its beauty with simplicity. This cross is certainly vintage, undoubtedly older, it is 4″ long and 3″ wide and it is simply breathtaking in the beautiful stones and the obvious skill with which it is made. There are 24 turquoise stones, set in the old cluster style, all irregular in shape and each stone is firmly set in sterling silver by a master Navajo silversmith. This is clear by looking at the back of the cross where you can see how carefully this cross was created to avoid heaviness. The stones are a combination of sky-blue turquoise and slightly greenish turquoise, it appears to be American Kingman turquoise but I can’t be sure. It is not marked, and came to me without any provenance. It is certainly museum quality and a treasure to be sure! I have added appropriate vintage sterling Navajo bench made beads and a sturdy sterling hook closure. It is 20″ long when worn, with the length of the cross added to that. The length can be adjusted. It is one of a kind, rare and beautiful. Enjoy!