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The Anasazi culture thrived 800 years ago in the canyons of Arizona, New Mexico and throughout the southwest, later evolving into the pueblo tribes of today. Today the pottery shards are valued as prized momentos of that day. The shards are amazingly strong, most show bits of elaborate design applied with tiny twigs and little hair brushes before the pots and bowls were slowly baked, and now we have a bit of the skill and artistic imagination— and spirit!—of the Old Ones with us today. They are treasures we can all respect. This pottery shard has been set in a custom hand made sterling setting with small simple designs surrounding it. It is marked on the back. The silver beads in the necklace strand are old Indian silver with sterling bead caps, the 2 stone beads are natural painted jasper with natural designs, not unlike the shard itself, perhaps an ancient pattern for the ancient potters? The rest of this 18″ necklace is sterling silver with a simple hook clasp.

Only one available!